PREMIUM Beef Jerky Upcountry


In the Spring of 2018 I had decided to try a High Protein, Low Carb Diet in hopes of losing Weight.

I found through many trials and tribulations that there are great snacks with protein needs, but didn’t meet criteria in other areas with sugar and high sodium content being the problem.

I found for myself that beef jerky snacks were loaded with high levels of sugar, sodium and even worse Nitrates, or (preservatives).

This is when I had the vision to develop a Premium Home-Style Jerky that was Gluten-Free, Lower Sodium, and Lower Sugar Contents.

After almost 2 Years I have developed a product that meets this criteria.

All of the flavors are always gluten-free. All flavors are made with the finest seasonings and spices.

After a year of testing and developing these recipes, I feel very passionate to be able to share these Premium Jerky Snacks with my surrounding communities and throughout California.

I truly hope every one of you enjoy this Premium Beef Jerky Snack!

Wayne’s Upcountry Beef Jerky